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link building strategy

Link Building Strategy ! Step by Step Guide

I publish this guide to help people to take SEO in next level. Here you will find a link building resources overflowing with a value. From guest posting and or funneling, you will learn about how to execute every useful link buildings technique.

If you are fed up by social bookmarking and press releases, then this is for you and think to do something new and made up 500 links today then it help you.

link building strategy


Don’t worry if you believe that you will kick up by Panda by this techniques then it’s your imagination because all methods are legal to make links.

You can treat this guide link building very quickly and make your strategy but remember without hard work you will never take success.

Link structures is a process in which we refer a website by another site or place; it will be given a lot of traffic and think again this trade is a change in readers, and the backlinks work like a backbone in search engine ranking (SERP).Yes, it will take the time to working but keep patience.

According to Wikipedia link building can increase the number of high-quality links pointing to a website, in turn increasing the likelihood of the site ranking highly in search engine result. Link building is also a proven marketing tactic for increasing brand awareness.

By my thinking link building, right keywords, good content, and many other SEO techniques are the main terms so keep in mind to use sharply these.

So let come to the point again what is link building strategy and how to use this and what is caution when I use this

Link building types

1. Forum Signature link

Forum signature linking is the method used to build backlinks to a website. By this process forum community that allow outbound hyperlinks in a members name. And it is the best method to make a way to sites SEO value.

2. Blog Commenting

Before description, I told you this the best way of link generate and also using by me more than another method. In this process only leave a comment on the another blog can a result in a relevant do follow the link to the individual site/blog.

But in that case, if this link does not click by readers of that site and google and yahoo will count it because Google crawls every link present on a page.

If possible, then please create more & more blog comment but not be like excellent, kind, etc. If you like than describe why you like this, what reason attract you and many more and after that use phenomenon.

3. Image linking

It is short term process but some time it little work. Image linking is way of submitting image, such as Info-graphics , to image directories and linking them to back to a specific URL.

4. Reciprocal linking

It not be a primary method but it work fine. By this method you use a commonly method between two objects like two website.In long describe if you have maintain two website then you use this method only link between both. Like example you have keep two website A and B then in A site link b homepage and in B website link with A, is called reciprocal link. By this phenomenon your both place easily get rank by search engine and you not be request to other bloggers. But now Google not give much importance so try other method 😀

5. Social Bookmarking

If you are handle a small business than surely using social bookmarking so I don’t give long description. Social bookmarking is a way of saving a page and categorizing that pages in different category. This web pages are public in web and every body seen this and if he like this than it came to the your site and for your kind information every blogger take a hug traffic from social bookmarking. Because bookmark have a anchor text which is shared publicly and scanned by search engine crawlers and have search engine value.

6. Directory link

Web site lists are list of links to site which are shorted into categories. In which site/blog owners submit many directories in which some free and some paid.

7. Guest posting

You already know that guest post is most effective approaches to building links and drive targeted traffic. Yes it actually work and by this your trust flow meter is going to high level. Keep in mind do guest post in other blog which is related to your niche because in other blog is not do work.

When you write a guest post for other blogs when only connect your link in the first paragraph of the article in an easy way to that will working. And give a lot of traffic which is related to your niche and perhaps it will be changed into your customers so keep doing guest posting.

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so after that a long description you learn about link building strategy every thing and should go for use this and think to take hug traffic.

But stop one minute and believe that google and yahoo and other search engines is a fool and is the answer is nothing. Because if he fool not be a success, and so every search engines have different term and condition. In which Google have launched a new algorithm update on October 5, 2014, the name is Penguin 3.0 to penalize those sites who has black hat building tactics to create unnatural links to get rank in search engines.

So use white hat techniques and get rank automatically and by this techniques googles terms of services and produce a good result that could sustain for a long time. White hat link building strategy focus on high quality as well as relevant links to the website.

Last word –

Yeah! I think you totally learned about link building strategy, I’m happy to hear this line. Don’t worry to think about more SEO topics and how to use all. In my next article, i come back with a more exciting chapter of SEO.

If you like my article, please share it and more people to learn about link building strategy. 😀


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  2. Hmm…you are good with your age. Hopefully you have understood that following the proper basics for every strategy works better than anything. Google guidelines can help us a lot. We need to learn the techniques from their. Even web designers and developers also must read the guidelines carefully. Expecting more posts from you. Good work.

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