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Gmail Account Features And Details


Gmail is the most popular and reliable e-mail services out there in the world. Almost everyone who uses the internet knows about Google, and it’s great e-mail services known as Gmail. Opening a Gmail account is very simple. All you need to do is go to and sign up. You can also search for and open the first link. Gmail is very easy to use and very user-friendly.

Therefore has a huge user base with millions of users from every part of the world. Opening a Gmail account not only allows you to use the e-mail services but you also get to use the other features of Google. Like Google Maps, Google Drive and YouTube. So it is very advantageous to open a Gmail account and in this article, we will talk about the features and details of a Gmail account. You will be very impressed after reading about these functions.

gmail account




The makers of Gmail improve their site every month to make it more user-friendly.Each and every feature of its design has been specifically thought out to make it easier for the people to use. You get five tabs in the home inbox screen which will help you to sort out your emails in 5 categories – Primary, Social, Promotions, Updates, and Forums. You can even customize or remove the tabs according to your preference.



Gmail offers 1GB storage during the start of the services to each user.But now after so much of success, it has increased its per-user storage to 15GB. This storage can even use for other services of Google like saving photos or videos on Google Drive etc. But if you need additional storage, Google even offers that, but you need to pay for it.



In recent years, Gmail has added the feature of moving money as well. This new feature has made it very easy for you to transfer money to your friends and family. Google wallet is the name of the feature, and you can send money through it in a very secure way. All you have to do is compose an e-mail,  attach money and press the send option.



The new version of Gmail has options to take actions right from the start screen. You won’t even have to open your e-mail. It helps you the users to save time and give them a hassle free experience.



Gmail can boast to be one of the most secure e-mail services in the world. The new security features and options added has made it more secure than ever. If you complete the verification process of the site, you can be sure that your account will never hack or be a victim of foul play.




So Gmail has become better than ever, and it recommended for all the people who are looking to make their first e-mail account.

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