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About Us

hey I’m arjun sharma

I was born in 2 may 1999 , in rajasthan, india

I am interested in technologies , blogging , dogs , cars & money :V  and more many things but its not necassary for     your  knowledge so come to the point i have knowledge of computer ,technologies, and like to diving into google algorithms and blog about seo, SERP metrics and digital marketing etc.


Arjun Sharma

i didn’t start this blog out of hobby like most blogger out there instead it’s passion . i was start blogging when i was 16 but can’t get more success and that’s why what to do and what not do. i wan’t say i am best marketer or blogger, thats up to you to decide take a look at a pieces i would love to hear your thoughts.

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please notice ! ( Arjun Sharma )

today i have started a blog entrepreneurblogtips for the bloggers, marketers and new entrepreneurs. i don’t say i am teaching us but i say this blog gave a direction to all of them. ya that’s possible i will fail with this blog but i don’t worry about this because i thought only i have launch a new platform. you would notice that entrepreneurs start a blog to teach bloggers about blogging, seo, etc. but this platform is nothing about it. this platform for entrepreneurs blogging life because i am give you information about entrepreneurs strategy, reports, habbits, and interviews with success bloggers.

Last word-

If you are interested to know about blogging , how to blog , total SEO strategy , about google algorithm , how to make money online , interviews with entrepreneurs and pro-bloggers and take inspiration by them and in this blog the entrepreneurblogtips you also know about the reviews of the product , themes , hosting and much more.

So keep patience and visit my site and gain Knowledge. 😀 thanks